Saturday, April 1, 2017

Greetings from Hong Kong!

Anders and i find ourselves at the Cathay Pacific Lounge after an uneventful (albeit, quite long ) flight to Hong Kong.  We left at 9:25am PT on Friday and arrived around 3:30pm Hong Kong time on Saturday (having crossed the International Date line)--a total air time of 15 hours.  We were upgraded to "premium" economy which turned out to be quite nice!

Anders grabbed about 4 hours or so of sleep but I spent my time binge watching Season One of "The Affair" (those are some messed up people!), which was mindless enough and certainly passed the time.  I played some computer backgammon (generally losing) and began reading Mountain Shadow--the follow on to Shantaram (which Anders and I read on Aconcagua and both loved).

We hit a Cantonese restaurant in the airport and now are chilling before our five hour flight onto Kathmandu this evening.  Some pictures:

And finally a pic of where Anders has been sleeping (around 15,000 feet) for the last couple of months to jump start his acclimatization:
With any luck, our next update will be from Nepal!

onward and upward!

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