Sunday, April 2, 2017

Met the Team

We sent much of our gear up the mountain yesterday afternoon.  I went out and Wandered around Kathmandu while Anders took a nap.  I took some pics and vids, which at some point upon my return, I'll share.  What a crazy place.

We met up with our team and had a nice pasta dinner last night.  So far our stomachs are handling it all well.  There are 6 EBC trekkers, 3 private Everest climbers, like Anders, several other Everest climbers who are climbing as a team.  And me--I'm kinda on my own schedule, which may include a 3 day trek in the Himalayas with just a Sherpa, while Anders does his first Everest rotation.  Crazy.  But exciting.

The team is quite nice and the guides all very impressive with mountains like Everest, K2, Lhotse, etc on their resumes.  Encouraging and intimidating at the same time.

We leave at 8:30, in about 4 hours, after breakfast, for a city you might gather, the time zones are messing with my sleep a bit more tonight.

All good.  One day at a time.  With a thumbs up and a smile.

Missing my family and friends a bit but also enjoying the new folks and of course time with Anders. I think both feelings can be positive ones, if you look at it in the right light....

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