Monday, April 3, 2017

Leaving Khatmandu and Getting at it

This is Judy here (Randy's wife and Anders' mother).  Given Anders' very ambitious goal of this particular journey, you could certainly put a few adjectives in front of wife and mother -- maybe apprehensive? or terrified? or living-in-denial?  But in reality, I am also 100% behind them, blown away yet comforted at Anders' over-the-top training to get to this point, and frankly amazed and emotional that Randy has the fitness level and, yes, guts to travel across the world to be his wingman.

As many of you know from prior expeditions, I'll be jumping in on this blog from time to time to share updates.

I just heard from them and the weather is cooperating so the flight to Lukla is on.  It's very early morning there (tomorrow) and they are checking out of their Khatmandu Hotel and heading to the airport for the short flight.  Their plan for today per their agenda is:

Day 5: We fly by fixed wing aircraft into Lukla, and begin our trek! We pass through several Sherpa villages, and enter the Sagarmatha (Everest) National Park. After crossing the river by suspension bridge, we arrive in the village of Phakding.

As I reread that description I am not really sure what a "fixed wing" aircraft is but it certainly sounds better than an "unfixed wing" aircraft so let's go with that for now!

Here they are leaving the hotel.  As usual they are ready to leave sightseeing behind and get out on the mountain.  Per Randy, they "feel great and are ready to get at it!"

Here's a link to the official blog or "dispatch" from their guiding company, Madison Mountaineering. If you click on today's entry, you'll see a number of pictures from their day touring around Khatmandu.

Quick update:  Two hours after I wrote the above, I received a couple pictures and a very excited text from Randy:

In Lukla!!!  At the base of the Himalyans!  The flight was awe-inspiring.   The mountains are enormous and so steep.  Wow! Wow! Wow! We are having breakfast now and then we roll!

Anders' face in this picture says it all....he's ready 

So off they go. Thanks for all your well-wishes, prayers, positive thoughts, and offers to drink wine with me over the next two months.   Judy

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