Saturday, April 15, 2017

Ice training begins for Anders and a superstar stops by!

I’m back up at EBC.  After posting (at long last) earlier today from a Tea House in Gorak Shep and having a coke ($4.50) and a Payday bar (I brought from home), I saddled up and hiked back up to Everest Base Camp.  It was quite slippery and quite a few people were slipping and falling.  I was super cautious and managed to stay upright.  I rolled back into base camp about 1:40 after I left Gorak Shep.  Total move time was 3:35 and I covered 5.0 linear miles with 785 feet of ascent and descent for the round trip.  Here are a couple of pics from my hike:

Meanwhile there were some exciting times back at EBC.  The climbing teams went out and did some training both before and after lunch—jumar, rappelling, ladders, ice fall travel, etc.

In between training sessions, Ueli Steck, aka “The Swiss Machine” stopped by and joined the team for lunch.  Ueli is one of, if not, the best alpine climber active today.  Tomorrow, he is planning to head up the mountain and will be attempting to do an Everest/Lhotse traverse, without oxygen.  His route on Everest is via the Hornbein route up the super difficult West Ridge.  This plan is simply mind-boggling and Ueli is probably one of just a few people in the world who would even have a long shot chance at doing something like this.

Anders chatted with him for about 10 minutes and Ueli gave him some advice for success at high altitude and on Everest.  One of the key pieces of advice was to “be lazy”.  Anders will need to work on that because I’ve never known him to be lazy!

Life at Everest Base Camp!  Tune in tomorrow for further adventures.....

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