Saturday, April 29, 2017

Quick update on RC status

I left Everest Base Camp via an incredible helicopter ride down the Khumbu valley to Lukla.  It was quite stunning to the see the valley that we walked up in 10 days pass by in just 20 minutes.  I have some great video of the trip.

I spent about an hour in Lukla, as the heli had another run to make, and then I was flown the rest of the way down to Kathmandu.  Madison had arranged for my transfer from the airport to the hotel and it all went very smoothly.

After checking in at the Yak and Yeti hotel, i ventured over to Thamel and did a little gift shopping for the gang back home.  I hit the hotel gym to start the process of rebuilding the muscle mass I lost up at altitude and then went to Mezzi, a restaurant near by for some penne pasta.

I slept like a log last night and this morning Face Timed with Judy, Alex, Kara and Rachel back in NYC, where they were celebrating Alex and Rachel's birthdays.  They were amused by my beard and called me things like "Santa" and "Captain Ahab".

This morning I ventured back into Thamel (my brother had requested a "singing bowl") and then over to Durban Square in Chheratrapi, where I did a little sight seeing at the former Nepalese palace.  I ended up walking over 6 miles through the dusty (and pretty grim) streets of Kathmandu.  Apparently, the "Living Goddess" was in town and there was quite a big to-do outside the Palace proper.  Quite the scene.

Anyways, back at the Y&Y, where I plan to get a workout in and maybe lounge outside by the pool for a bit....quite a change from life at Base Camp!

Still no word from Anders on his trip up the Lhotse Face today but I'll post as soon as i hear.

I'm heading back to the States tomorrow!  Picture of Garrett and i below:

more later

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