Saturday, January 12, 2013

Quick Update!!

Anders called me from the top of the world!  He summited with a group of "young dudes" and made it up in an impressive 7.5 hours.  He was clearly thrilled, out of breath, but very excited.  Anders is incredibly strong and determined, and had adjusted to the altitude impressively.  I can't say that I was surprised he made it to the top, but I know even for how well he was coping, it was an immense effort. He said he was tired, but felt great!

Randy made a VERY smart decision, and about an hour into the climb today turned back and went to High Camp.  He was pretty sick from the altitude and knew it wasn't safe to proceed.  Thank God!  With all the oxygen saturation problems he's faced and the persistent cough, I can't believe he even made it all the way to the highest camp!  He is amazing.  I haven't spoken to him yet since Anders had the phone, so I'll fill in the details later!

I'm so proud of them both.  Major PR's for both of them.  Anders made it to 22,900 feet at the top of this monstrous mountain.  Randy made it to about 20,500 feet, so much higher than he's ever been before!  To put it in perspective, that's about as high as Mt. Mckinley -- the highest mountain in North America.

I wil know more when Anders gets back to camp and brings the phone back so I can talk to Randy.  I'll feel better when I know he's feeling ok!

Anders should be getting back into camp soon, so I'll keep you posted! 


Kristin Hodgson said...

Congratulations Randy and Anders! I am one of Judy's clients and have been following your adventure. Positive thoughts and prayers to you both for a safe descent and trip back home! Judy, I loved your honest sharing of emotion!

Kristin Hodgson said...
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Brian C said...
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michael stricklin said...

Great accomplishment Anders....youth has its rewards.
Randy's efforts and supreme accomplishment as well...if he continued it would have been a decision

Brian C said...

So amazing! Very impressed with the planning & organization. Assessing the situation and contingencies all along and making the decisions that needed to be made when they need to be made. Very impressive Anders and Randy! And great support from home Judy!