Saturday, January 12, 2013

Just a little more info!

I've only had two very short conversations with Randy since they have one precious bar left on their battery!

Here's what I know.  Randy did make it up to the first rest point, Independencia Hut, which is well over 20,000 ft.  His oxygen level was low, and his body was sending him impossible to ignore signals that he should not climb any higher.  His issues weren't things you can just "push through" like those last few miles of an Ironman! We all know Randy can "suck it up, buttercup" as he likes to say, but this wasn't that kind of situation.   Thankfully he listened to those messages and turned back to Camp 3.   I'm sure he will fill us all in on the details when he finally gets down and reclaims the blog master role!

He is really proud of Anders summiting, I can't wait to hear all about it from Anders!  He sounded thrilled when he called from the top, and I'm sure has a great story to share.

Last I spoke to Randy, they were both understandably "wiped out " and anxious to "get off the mountain."  To be honest, Randy sounded very winded both times, so I can't wait for them to "get off the mountain" either!  It was frigid and snowing pretty hard, so I imagine right now they zipped into their tent, cocooned in their foot-thick mummy bags, wearing all that high tech gear that has kept our UPS guy busy for the last couple months.  I teased Randy a lot about the endless deliveries, but if there's ever a case of needing the " best gear", this is probably it!   

Fortunately there are porters available to help carry stuff down, so Randy hired two for tomorrow's trek down to Base Camp.  They will get up early, pack up, and get the " heck out of dodge".   I know Base Camp is still pretty high and and crude, but I feel like they are leaving Siberia and heading to a major metropolis!  The guys should feel much stronger at the lower altitude.  Then the following day, they'll hike all the way out of the mountains.  I'm sure they can't wait to descend to summer in Mendoza.  It must feel like light years away to them up in their little tent in the frozen sky! 

I hope to get more information tomorrow, most importantly that they are feeling stronger and safe in Base Camp.  Thanks for all your messages, I'm sure your encouragement will mean a lot to them, as it does to me!

So the journey continues for a couple more days.   

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michael stricklin said...

Blessings to all team members helping one another... And hugs for Judy for keeping us informed and bravely above the frey