Tuesday, January 1, 2013

And now it begins

We are off within the hour for our drive to Los Pentitenties--the beginning time is nigh!

We feel good and are in good spirits.  We like our team...both fellow climbers and guides.

We will be climbing without porters, after much discussion with the guides....theybelieve we are more than fit enough....70 pounds at altitude does make one wonder...we will see.

Anders and I are reading a book called Shantaram--which is very good--Anders turned me on to it.  One of the themes of the book is that to win sometimes you first have to surrender.  And so we are surrendering to the experience....whatever that may bring.

We are excited and focussed ultimately on:

1. being safe
2. having fun and enjoying the experience
3. doing the best we can and hopefully summitting

This is probably it for my blogging for a while.  The next voice you hear here will be Judyś....beam us love and energy...we will gladly receive it!


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