Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Down At Last!

hallelujah! Randy and Anders made it through the final 18 mile hike in pretty rough terrain, down to the trailhead at Los Penitentes.  This last push took about 8+ hours.  Randy was really hoarse from the dusty trek on top of his persistent cough, but mostly they both sounded relieved to be off the mountain and in the land of more plentiful oxygen.  They were still at about 8500 feet, but it's all relative!

As they waited for the mules to bring down the remaining gear, they went to have a beer in one of the local fine establishments.  Randy could only finish about half before feeling a bit woozy. (That is NOT his normal MO!)  He said it was "amazing" to be able to wash his hands with soap and water!  I talked to Anders a while; he sounded really good, a bit road weary also, but definitely had a great experience up on the slopes. He was looking forward to getting home and "chilling" a bit before heading back to finish his final semester at Harvard B School.  I'm excited he has another week off, so I can spend time with him and hear all the juicy details about their expedition.

They had about a 4+ hour van ride in front of them to a hotel in Mendoza, the Nutibara Hotel, expecting to arrive well after midnight.  They were both eagerly awaiting a hot shower and a bed to sleep in!  I don't know much about this hotel, but I'm sure to them it feels like the Four Seasons!

Since they had moved the summit window forward due to impending weather, they are off the mountain ahead of schedule.  So I moved their flights up, and they will be home early Thursday instead of Sunday!

What an amazing test of endurance and impressive accomplishment for both of them!  And what a journey for all of us who followed along. If Randy has internet in Mendoza, maybe he will take over the blog and fill everyone in.  I hope I didn't get too many of the details wrong along the way.  Each time Randy checked in by satellite phone, we'd be cut off 2 or 3 times, and with the winds and the static, well....  Let's just say we may need Randy to fill in the gaps!

Thanks for all the support and positive thoughts along the way!

Judy, Mrs. "rcmioga".......

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Esteban Ferrer said...

PHEW! "Los Penitentes" figuratively translated means "those seeking forgiveness [from God]". Interesting name,in the context of the beginning or end of an Aconcagua climb!! Judy - CONGRATS to you for having weathered that adventure while being an angel to your dad. We are AWED by the Christofferson clan.
Lelia & Steve