Tuesday, January 1, 2013

In the Middle of Nowhere...

It's me again (Judy), taking over for the next couple weeks since, as you might imagine, Randy will not have Internet access for a while!
If you want to get a sense of where they are, check out the map above (click to zoom in). They flew into Santiago, Chili (bottom left), then flew NEast over the mountains to Mendoza, Argentina (far to the right).  Today they drove NW to the booming industrial town of Uspallata, which I'm sure you've heard of and probably visited.  After stopping for lunch, they drove SW on Route 7 into the mountains to Los Pentitenties, which is about 8500 ft. elevation.  Weather is still warm (in the 70's).   Sounds really nice, but don't get too jealous because with windchill, it could be well below zero as they reach higher elevations.  Randy said the hotel in Los Pentitenties is about a "one-star", but at least it's a hotel, and probably their last shower for longer than we want to imagine!

It seems like they spend most of their time packing, unpacking, and repacking their gear.   Today they had to divide their stuff into four piles:
1. daypacks
2. high mountain bags
3. base Camp approach packs
4. "Extra stuff they have to leave in the hotel and hope is still there when they come back" bags.

Since I am known to be "packing challenged", I would NOT be enjoying this part!

Tomorrow their adventure truly begins!  They have a short drive to Punta del Vacas, (7900 ft) and then begin the trekking segment.  They'll end up tomorrow at Puente Pampa de Lenas (9700 ft).   This is the first of 3 trekking days to Base Camp at 13,700 ft. Then the REAL fun begins!

Back in little Delaware, we are eating take out sushi and enjoying Jen's last night home before she heads back to Baltimore tomorrow.  Alex and I (and Roxy) will be manning our "Base Camp" here!

Good luck to our C Boys as they begin the long road ahead!

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Good Luck from Indiana!!!