Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Successful First Day!

Randy just checked in from Puente Pampa de Lenas camp (9600 ft) and said they "feel great and had an awesome day".   They trekked for about 8 miles at a very reasonable pace, stopping 4 times to rest and eat about 400 calories each time. The weather was pleasant and they were able to hike in T-shirts and shorts.  They only had to carry about 20 pounds since they have mules for this first part of their climb, so Randy said this part was a "piece of cake"!  Since they trained carrying 60 pounds and are both very fit, I'm sure this part was fun and easy.  Here's a picture of their luxury camp I "borrowed" from the IMG blog.

Randy's greatest challenge so far is working out a "system" -- where to put everything in his packs, what he needs when, etc.  He reports that Anders is much better at this than he is; Anders is more organized, able to find things in his pack right away, knows how to set up camp, what to do first, etc.  Anders has more climbing experience, plus has one of those "younger brains"!  So father learns from son -- very cool don't you think?

Their last night in a hotel was uneventful, except Randy said that Anders hits him a few times a night and tells him to stop snoring.  Randy says he doesn't really snore a lot (oh really?) but Anders claims he is a "snoring machine".  So this should be interesting as they start sleeping in tents the size of a small closet.  I hope Anders remembered his ear plugs!

Tomorrow they will hike up another 1000 feet to Case de Piedra, about a 10 mile trek. Weather forecast is sunny and in the 50's.  (Just as a point of comparison, at the summit today (23,000ft) it was also sunny....but with a high of  minus 2 degrees, 30 MPH winds, and a wind chill of 30 below!) Brrr...

When I spoke to Randy at 6pm his time, they had set up their tent and the muleteers (aka drivers of the mules) were grilling huge steaks for the 8 climbers and 3 guides.  So far all good with Randy and Anders' Excellent Adventure!

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michael stricklin said...

Sounds like good progress.