Friday, January 4, 2013

Made it to Base Camp! (13,700')

Randy was in great spirits when he just called, saying his team is strong and "powered" up to Base Camp, aka "Plaza Argentina" at 13,700 ft.

They got up at 5:30am after a good night's sleep, waited for the mules to get ready, and set off around 7:30am for their 10 mile/3000 foot climb.  I'm not sure what a mule's "pre-hike" routine is, but it's curious they take longer to get ready than people!  Seriously, these mules are very much appreciated.  They carry all the heavy "stuff" up to base camp, and today they carried Randy, Anders, and the rest of the team across an icy river.

Randy was excited that his 8-member team (and 3 guides) did so well, claiming that three other teams left Base Camp before them, but they made it to Base Camp first.  I didn't realize Mountain Climbing is a competitive sport, but  if you've been reading Randy's blog for a while...... !    : )

He said he and Anders are getting along great, having a wonderful time together, except that Anders is a little frustrated that Randy seems unable to tie a knot.  Evidently setting up camp requires tying quite a few knots, so Anders tried to show Randy how to do it correctly.  This turned into a pretty amusing conversation as I challenged Randy, who can take a bike completely apart and put it back together, why he is unable to tie a knot.  He claims he doesn't have that type of "spatial reasoning" and told me that when he was in high school, he had to take an aptitude test and scored in the bottom 10% of spatial reasoning.  They informed him he shouldn't be an architect.  Come to think of it, when we renovated our kitchen, Randy was not very helpful with looking at the blueprint and envisioning the final product.  Hmmm...maybe he should have let me know that he was spatially challenged before we got married!

At this point in the conversation, we were cut off, and I haven't heard back from him.  Randy had been concerned that his 3 phone batteries were draining quickly, so I'm hoping this doesn't mean all three batteries are dead.  Let's hope he finds a way to recharge and get back in touch.  If not, I will check the IMG blog and update based on the daily check in.

Tomorrow is a rest day for them, a little break to get acclimated before carrying everything up (without the mules) to "Camp 1" at 15,400 ft.  Then they'll go back down to Base Camp to sleep.  They'll do this  up and down stuff a few times as they ascend the mountain so they can acclimate at a reasonable pace.

By the way, I heard it was difficult to comment on this blog, so I think I fixed that.  Feel free to comment!  I'm sure the boys will love to read any comments when they return.  And since Randy likes stats, maybe I can get more comments than he usually does and "win" the comment race!  : )


Duckie said...

Ok, I'll post one to get the ball rolling. When I read this blog, it reminds me of the saying "work to live, don't live to work". I hope I can eek even a portion of the living out of my life that he has managed to cram into the time I have been aware of this page. This is living without regrets. Kudos!

Hello! said...

mom -- you're doing a great job blogging! Love reading all the daily posts (and i know a lot of people appreciate it). Hopefully dad figures out a way to charge his phone at base camp since i know they have a satellite phone!

PS. you're my favorite blogger! <3

michael stricklin said...

I think the knot Randy tied many years ago will suffice for now...although I have always felt the slippery taut hitch the best overall climbing knot...ok...gotta throw in the Prussik too.
They are well on there way...sounds like a strong team...but...don't get cocky!!! said...

Judy, great blogging! I can just picture them. Somehow I think we may be onto something with you as a blogger. one question, why does the mule have a napkin on its head!

Anonymous said...

It was cold today in Northern MN ... These guys are on vacation

Btw, I heard that the next Extreme Cup is on the Summit of Everest ...