Friday, July 1, 2016

Three Day Trip to SNP

Alex and I just returned from three days hiking/climbing in Shenandoah.  It was a great trip and solid training for Elbrus and Kili.  We camped the first night and stayed in Luray the second.  We saw a couple of black bears the first day but happily saw no snakes!

Day 1 was the Knob Mountain/Jeremy's Run Loop.  A great hike that covered 13.6 miles with 2,417 feet of vertical over the course of 6:51.  This hike features 15 stream crossings but unlike the last time down to Jeremy's the water was low enough that we were able to make all of them without removing our boots are resorting to tree cowboying....

Day 2 saw us leaving from the Big Meadows Campground and doing the "Three Falls" hike.  We hit the Rose River, Dark Hollows, and Lewis Falls.  It was a pretty hot day (in the 90s in Luray) and this hike was very demanding.  In total we covered 15.0 miles and ascended 3,182 feet over the course of 8:09.  Quite the day!

The third day saw us tackle the iconic climb of Old Rag.  It was a spectacular day with incredible views.  We covered the 9.6 miles 2,557 feet of vertical over 5:08:

So in total the three days saw us cover 38.27 miles, ascend 8,156 feet in 20:08--good work indeed!  finally some pictures from the trip:

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