Sunday, July 17, 2016

Safely in St. Petersburg, The adventure is about to begin!

Judy here reporting in for a very tired Anders and Randy who just called in from their hotel in Russia.  
The boys flew separately to Frankfurt airport today where they met up with each other and the rest of the team (8 climbers and  2 guides).  They then all flew to St. Petersburg where they will spend the next couple days checking their gear and visiting some of the local tourist sites. 

Anders having breakfast in Frankfurt airport; below a picture of Randy and Anders arriving in St. Petersburg.

Here's the team loading into the van at the St. Petersburg airport for their drive to the hotel. Many hours of travel, even more hours of planning and packing up their gear, but I'm sure all optimistic and excited for their journey ahead.

First team dinner in St. Petersburg (Randy is taking the photo)
The head guide from IMG (International Mountain Group) is Mike Hamill first on the right.  Randy and Anders climbed Aconcagua with him and chose this particular expedition so they could team up with him again.  He is the 'best of the best' of the mountaineering guides, having summited each of the Seven Summits numerous times and authored The Guide Book to Climbing the Seven Summits. If your family members are going to be roped together climbing up icy, steep slopes, you want them to be with Mike!  I'll find out more about the other guide and other team members tomorrow. 
A couple sights in beautiful St. Petersburg, tomorrow will be a tourist day for the group. 

More tomorrow as the guys get to know the rest of their team and check out St. Petersburg.

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