Saturday, July 16, 2016

Out over the Atlantic...time on my hands....some pics from our last Expedition

Passing time away on my 7 1/2 hour flight to Frankfurt.  Thought I'd post a few pics from our last adventure--Anders and my expedition to Vinson in Antartica:

Anders and I in our tent on the first night on the Big Ice--notice the light at about 2 a.m.

 Anders during a rest break on the approach up to Camp One:

 Our team in the Posh getting ready to chow:

 Our Swiss friend, Stefan, at the base of the fixed lines--2000 feet of vertical above...

Mike Hamil--our guide for this Elbrus trip--halfway up the fixed lines:

 Mike and I nearing the top of the fixed lines:

Mike and I at the top of the fixed lines--one of my hardest days climbing:

A hard earned view at the top of the fixed lines!

The view from Camp Two was nothing short of awesome:

Some of our summit pictures:

Anders, Greg Vernovage, Me and Mike in front of the big Russian bird, ready to head home...

Ok, going to sign off and get some sleep now.  Looks like low 60s and a little rain awaits us in St. Petersburg.....

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