Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Last week/Russia just around the corner....

Last week was principally focused on climbing/trekking as Anders and my departure for Russia and our attempt at Mount Elbrus is just 11 days away--we are both pretty pumped!  Here are the numbers:

Swim: 1,500 yards
Bike: 107 miles
Run: 10 Miles
Trek/Climb: 38.3 miles/8,156 ascent/20:08
Stretch/Weights: 1:32
Total Training time: 31:01

Obviously, I'm short changing my triathlon training to make sure I'm good to go for my two big climbs this summer.  I'm basically ignoring my swimming but still plan to slip a sprint triathlon in this week--could be a little rough around the edges....

Anyways, the next 11 days are about making sure I have all the right stuff and as little of the wrong stuff as possible (equipment wise).  I have all of the flights/hotels/visa stuff already baked (not an easy task).  Next up is to get my meds/food and later this week assemble my two travel duffels.

Training wise, I need to begin to taper down a bit as my legs are a bit thrashed from all of the work in June (all work/no races--sigh!)  I feel as good as I can given my age and physical issues and am confident in my ability to give Elbrus a good run.

I'll post more details about the climb in the days ahead.  Judy stands ready to give daily blog updates when we head East to Russia!

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