Thursday, July 14, 2016

Elbrus: T-minus 2 camera(s) set-up

Thought some of you might be interested in what I doing from a photography/video point of view.  My strategy is designed to mesh with Anders who is bringing his Sony RX100-IV and is Go Pro HD Black--the same set-up he rocked with on Vinson.

Here is what I'm going with:

1. Sony RX 100-I--20 MP APC sensor.  this is old faithful that's been on all of my prior expeditions and hikes and has been responsible for the vast majority of photos I've published on this blog.  I have one spare battery and a 64 GB storage card for it.

2. Sony a7rii with a f/4 24-70 Zeiss FE zoom.  This is the new baby which can rock a 42 MP picture and 60 fps 4K video--it's a monster.  It has a full frame sensor and effectively is as capable as a medium format camera.  Its a handful compared to the RX100 point and shoot but I'm bringing it along.  I have purchased a Peak Design on-backpack locking device but we'll have to see whether it goes up the mountain to the summit at all, in my backpack, or outside sitting unprotected on my shoulder straps.  I have 5 spare batteries for this energy hog and 2 64 GB ultra speed storage cards.

3. Narrative Clip 2.  This is a small square that will sit on my pack and takes a 8 MP picture every 30 seconds for up to 30 hours.  I'll turn it on at the beginning of the hike (or at least when it's light enough) and let it do its thing.  It has relatively low quality but will take 720 pictures an hour no matter what--we'll see what comes back.

Hopefully, I'll get some good pics/videos to post here post expedition!

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