Saturday, July 16, 2016

And so it begins....

Just finishing up last minute stuff and then heading to the Airport within the hour.  Very psyched!  Talked to Anders in LA and he is pumped and locked and loaded as well.  He leaves about 45 minutes later than I do.

I have two large First Ascent 150L duffels filled with all of my climbing and civilian gear for 2 weeks--lugging about 78 pounds in total including about 5 pounds of food--not bad, but I'm sure a real zealot would bring 20 pounds less than I am.  Still, the logistics of the trip really don't penalize you for bringing too much, so I'm fine with being a bit lax of weight weenyism....

The RMI team sumitted today in absolutely perfect weather--sunny, 32 degrees, little wind--they were up to the summit by 7:15 am.  In fact it was so nice, that a bunch of them took the extra 90 minutes to summit the East summit as well...pretty sweet!

The longish range forecast for us doesn't look quite as rosy:

Nothing to fret over as I have no idea how accurate this particular forecast tends to be.  Also, I'm not sure what elevation this forecast is for but looking at the temps, it's probably near the base of the mountain....Looks like I have plenty of sunscreen packed!

Anyways, look for pretty frequent blog posts from both Judy and I....

Almost game time!

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