Thursday, May 1, 2014

Looking ahead to May and June

If you read my last post comparing the YTD trtaining totals (through the end of April) from 2010-2014 if would be pretty easy to conclude that I was putting my racing performance at quite a bit of risk as well as potentially jepardizing my Kona build, which is slated to begin in July.  We'll see how my two May races go as well as Long Course Nationals on June 8th to see how much of an impact being behind in 2014 has.

However, as I look out over the next two months I know I need to be ready to hammer out a 14 week IM build beginning July 1.  My summers the last four years have been about building for the 6 IMs I've done (Germany, Kona twice, Lake Tahoe, Arizona twice) and so I thought if I could put in work comprable to what I've done in May/June over the prior four years, I'd probably be in pretty could shape (literally and figuratively) come July 1.

So here are the average and highest May and June totals for the last four years:


May Average: 28,000 yards
June Average: 29,000 yards

May Highest: 35,000 yards (2011)
June Highest: 35,000 yards (2013)


May Average: 844 miles
June Average: 944 miles

May Highest: 979 miles (2010)
June Highest: 1010 miles (2011)


May Average: 102 miles
June Average:  92 miles

May Highest: 123 miles (2012)
June Highest: 106 miles (2013)


May Average: 78 hours
June Average: 79 hours

May Highest: 94 hours (2010)
June Highest: 88 hours (2013)

Based on this data, and reviewing some of the outliers during these Months (June 2012 I did RAAM so swim and run depressed in those months, May 2011 I had knee issue and could only run 55 miles, etc.), I've concluded that the following targets for May and June 2014 are both appropriate and doable for me:


Swim: 35,000 yards
Bike: 900 miles
Run: 120 miles
Time: 86 hours


Swim: 35,000 hours
Bike: 900 miles
Run: 140 miles
Time: 89 hours

These would be two solid months and would definitely position me appropriately for my IM build.  I also think they are doable given last week's numbers (10,200 yards, 264 bike miles, 33.5 run miles, 24:43 training time).  I've built my next two month training plan around hitting these aggregate training volumes....

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