Sunday, May 11, 2014

Trouble in River City?

Interesting and enjoyable week!  It started in DE with the Striper Trip.  Tuesday was all about fishing so a rest day from a triathlon perspective.  Thursday included a trans-continental flight.  The weekend featured a fun time visiting Anders in LA and getting some high quality training in.

Unfortunately, I seem to have developed some type of a loweer leg problem.  It's specifically near my left knee (what else is new?) and is anterior and below the knee joint.  It resides at the top of my gastroc muscle and is not the ITB--but it might be related.  Anyways, pretty painful and defenitely aggravated with riding and walking around.  I skipped several workouts--really missed a couple of runs I was counting on.

I'm hopeful this goes away relatively quickly, but it could be an issue over the near future.

In any event, given the above I had an OK training week--wanted it to be more.  The numbers:

Swim: 8,500 yards
Bike: 181 miles
Run: 22 miles
Time: 17:03

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