Sunday, May 18, 2014

Remarkable Progress!

As we end this week I can't believe the progress I made over the 7 days.  Last Sunday I couldn't put my weight on my left leg when climbing the stairs due to the calf pain.  Monday, I took a full rest day and resigned myself to likely 2-4 week shut-down of most of my bike and run training.  After some structural readjustment to my pelvis, some painful neuromuscular work, and lots of Yoga, I've come off of two pretty remarkable days.

Yesterday i was able to ride a challenging 53 mile ride up here in the Berkshire Mountains with not a whimper out of my calf.  I heaped some swimming and Yoga on top of that.  Encouraged by how my legs felt this morning, I did two more Yoga sessions, rode 31 miles, swam 2000 yards and had a great 6-mile run!  The later was interesting because I was sluggish early on with all the recent stuff I was doing and my lack of calories here at Canyon Ranch but after a few miles I actually felt fantastic.  I'm sure I'm suseptible to interpreting things this way but I really felt that my hips were more flexible, my hamstrings and calfs felt looser and I ran more freely.  Better.  Not to get carried away here because I only average a bit over 9-minute miles but it was encouraging.  The best news is that my calf seems to be saying; 'bring it on"!

So I think I may have dodged a bullet on this Peroneal injury--I won't declare victory until I can get through a normal training week--especially run-wise---I'm optimistic.

As it was, I ended up missing 8 days running and 3 days cycling.  The totals for this week:

Swim: 12,500 yards
Bike: 143 miles
Run: 6 miles
Time: 20:43 of which 6:10 was "other" (mostly Yoga)

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