Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sadly, Canyon Ranch coming to an end

Jen and I just finished wathing Captain Phillips--her for the first time and me for the fourth.  I'm 4 for 4 crying at the end....

I arrived here last Thursday, mid-day with a very painful left calf having had to curtail my running entirely for 5 days and just spin easy on an indoor trainer for the bike.  I was resigned to a modest (2-4 weeks) period of recovery but hopeful that the PT/NMT and other therapies might speed that up.

I sit here tonight after 6 1/2 days on a new plane and feeling very bullish about my immediate and longer term athletic prospects.  My calf seems to be healed.  I've dropped 6 pounds (some water weight no doubt).  I've learned a ton about diet and things I'll want to do going forward to eat cleaner.  My swim today was my 9th consecutive day that I've been in the pool--a personal record by a long shot (previous best was maybe 4 or 5 days in a row).  I've had 4 yoga sessions and several other sessions designed to work on flexibility, balance and core strength.  I've had 4 very solid runs.  I've had a number of strong bike rides over the challenging terrain that the Bershire Mountains offer.

To give you a sense, here is what today looked like:

Up at 6 for an easy 65 minute spin on an indoor trainer.
Quick breakfast (425 calories) with Jen.
90 minute session with the head nutritionist here working through strategies for cleaner eating.
42 minute Z1/Z2 run with several long hills (I had a challenging 68 minute run yesterday)
Great outdoor lunch with Jen (Veggie Burger and Chicken Sausage and salad--475 calories)
1:44 ride outside which featured a 6-mile climb.
45 minute Yoga session that kicked my butt.
37 minute swim session.
Nice dinner with Jen of salmon and corn chowder soup and salad (550 calories)
Packed and watched the movie.

Everything is so convenient and the meals are ready when you want them--and oh so nutritious.  I supplemented my meals with a couple of their all natural energy bars and their phenomenal energy drink (orange juice, white grape juice, matte, iced teas, lemon oil, and sea salt).

Here is what the 6.5 days (half day on thursday) looked like (numbers are minutes or hours and minutes):

Th: 2:22: Bike-60 min/Swim-37 min/Yoga-45 min
F: 4:17: Bike-60/Swim-37/PT/NM-160
Sa: 5:10: Bike-3:48/Swim-37/Yoga-45
Su: 5:27: Bike-120/Run-54/swim-38/Yoga-90/Hike-25
M: 5:53: Bike-120/run-20/Swim-43/Hike-80/Strength & Flexibility-90
Tu: 5:24: Bike-3:15/Run-68/Swim-36/Hike-25
W: 4:53: Bike-2:49/Run-42/swim-37/Yoga-45

The totals for my 6.5 days here:

Time: 33:26
Swim: 15,000 yards
Bike: 233.3 miles
Run: 20.6 miles
Other: 10:05

I'm leaving here with great momentum....summer is coming....let's rock!!!!

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