Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Waiting but not wanting

So, I'm into my waiting for my tendonitis to get better phase.  Not where you really want to be but not as bad as one might expect.  For instance, I now have 2-5 hours more per day to do other stuff.  Also, I can now have a focused swim block--perhaps 3 weeks of 15,000 yards will help....

I'm hopefully meeting with a PT at Canyon Ranch on Thursday to address my calf issue and my lingering elbow/forearm pain.  With a week at Canyon Ranch I should be able to really get on top of my current problems.  I also plan to do as much "other" stuff as i can--I see lots of Yoga, ART, etc. in my future--plus tons of swimming.  All good.  The way I look at it is this is an opportunity to focus on weight loss, swimming and flexibility--all things that will be good.  I'll get back to the Bike and Run soon enough.

In the meantime, my Rudy Project Wing 57 finally arrived (I ordered it last November) and I have to say it is freaking awesome!  Of course, my ability to test it out is somewhat limited but I did put it through it's paces before dinner tonight:

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