Thursday, December 19, 2013

Triathlon SBR Split Data

Continuing with the 2013 end of the year data dump the following charts summarize my Swim, Bike, Run split history in several ways.

This first analyses chronicles my SBR Age Group Placing over my 13 years in triathlon.  A number of conclusions:

- I've had the most success on the bike with 84 1st place finishes out of 137 races, which is about 61 % of my races.  My swim is second at 24 (18%) and run last at 11 (8%).

- I make the podium 42% on the swim, 79% on the bike, and 31% on the run.

- I seemed to have slipped a bit in the swim last year, which we've discussed before on this blog, and given my relative under investment in the swim the last two years, this is not a surprise.  I have decided to up my swim investment in 2014 to address this slippage.

- My bike remains the valuable competitive weapon that I've always enjoyed.

- I did a bit better in my AG on the run this year, but I attribute this mainly to smaller, weaker fields than in the past as opposed to any reflection of increased competitiveness on my part.

This next chart looks at my best OA %-tile finishes on the swim.  Note that they were all in the 2009-2011 period and none from the last two years.  For me, it would seem that I need to swim close to 400,000 yards in a year to be as competitive as I can be.  I see more pool time ahead!
Same chart for the bike.  Although none of my top 10 OA finishes are from 2013, I had two 1st place OA bikes in the last three years andn that combined with my strong AG showings tells me that all is right in bike-land:
And finally, the same chart for the run.  At least two major takeaways jump out.  First, note how much lower these numbers are than the swim and bike.  85%-tile gets me in the top 10 on the run, while I'd need 94 %-tile on the swim and 99.5%-tile on the bike.  Second, with the exception of that freakish breakthrough race at SkipJack in 2011, all of these top 10 where from 2007 or earlier--I'm long past my peak on the run!
Lastly, a look at my best split pace by discipline over the last 13 years.  I only had one addition to these lists--my swim at Fort Delaware where the pumping current helped me swim at a sub 20 min/mile pace.  I'm scheduled to do NYC this year and a strong current in the Hudson will probably help me challenge this number this year.  Notice how everything on the bike and run is from 2008 or earlier---sigh!

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