Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Easy week last week--SNP tomorrow!

So with my travel to Florida and Boston last week it made sense to have a relatively light week:

Swim: 2735 yards
Bike: 153 miles
Run: 14 miles
Treking: 7 miles
Time: 14 hours

I was originally planning to go to Shenandoah for round 4 of my climbing/treking training on sunday but with our twin winter storms (Sunday and today), I've put that off until tomorrow.  I know they are expecting another 6+ inches there today and at the moment Skyline Drive is closed.  Hopefully it will be open tomorrow at 7-8 am when I get there at 7-8 am (assuming the roads are good enough).  If not I'll hike into the Park from the Panorama parking lot.

It'll be cold (probably around 15 degrees and up to a foot of snow in places so should make for a winter wonderland and some challenging trekking/climbing--perfect preparation for Aconcagua!   Hopefully, I'll update you from virginia tomorrow evening with a report of a good day's effort!

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