Saturday, December 14, 2013

Long Trek/Climb summary and pics from Shenandoah

Here is a summary of my 11 Long training sessions (mostly in SNP but also in LA) for Aconcagua, which I have completed over the last 6 weeks (I've also done numerous shorter efforts here in DE):

and here are pics from the last three days in Shenandoah:

Lower White Oak Falls:

Upper White Oak Falls/Winter Wonderland:

 Summit of Hawksbill Mountain--the highest in SNP:

Descending from Hawksbill in deeper snow on the AT:

Bobcat tracks on the Cedar Run descent:

The logs I shimmied across on my tummy to fjord the firgid Cedar Run:

Big bear tracks in Limberlost:

A nice lunch on a gorgeous winter day:

The steep and fun Robertson Mountain (East side) trail:

Robertson Mountain summit--very cold on this morning:

Strange tracks on the Old Rag Fire Road:

Old Rag from the base of Robertson:

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