Sunday, December 1, 2013


Training totals for November were as follows:

2000 yards swimming
599 miles biking
40 miles running
53 hours of trekking/climbing
99 hours of total training

So obviously a pretty big month--especially for the "off-season".  Of course, this is due to my focus on trekking/climbing as I enter the final 5-6 weeks of preparation for Aconcagua.  I feel this work is on target and preceeding well.

December will be similar but with more running and swimming.

I head to florida tomorrow to visit my mother and hold a mini three day triathlon "camp".  I hope to head back to Shenandoah for another 2-3 day climbing/trekking block the following week....

also, I've begun to analyze the data from my 2013 triathlon season and will begin posting that as the time permits over the next couple of weeks...

onward and upward!

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