Friday, November 19, 2010

Project FTP Microcycle One complete

Project FTP consists of 4 four-week cycles of 10 computrainer workouts design to raise my FTP back up to the range it was in in 2007 (290-300 watts). I just completed the first of these four-week cycles. As a reminder, each cycle consists of 10 workouts: 4 20 min max output tests (FTP20); 3 interval sets at 85-90% of my FTP ("sweet spot" intervals); and 3 interval sets @ 115% of my FTP (max VO2). The last set of sweet spot intervals was 2X20 min @230 watts with a 5 minute spin in between. the last set of max VO2 intervals were 10X2 minutes @ 300 watts with 3 min spin in between.

My FTP tested out at 261 watts at the beginning of this cycle and ended at 270 watts at the end of the cycle.

The total work for these 10 sessions was 228 minutes @ an average power of 264 watts for 3612 kilojoules.

Onward and upward!

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