Thursday, November 25, 2010

2011 Race Plan

Getting a pretty good picture of what I'd like the 2011 racing season to look like.

First off, my "A" or "A-" races. My biggest race in 2011 will be IMAZ on 11/20. This is the race I'll try to requalify for Kona at--this would be Kona 2012. Unless I get lucky in the lottery, no Kona in 2011 (no surprise there). I also plan to race two IM70.3s: Oceanside on 4/2 and Steelhead on 8/14. If I get lucky and qualify for the IM70.3 World Championship in Las Vegas in September then I'd probably add that as well.

The nice thing about NOT having a mid-summer IM is that I can focus most of my racing season on short fast stuff. I plan to adjust my training up through August to be consistent with that--it'll be nice to spend less time training long and more time training fast! Project FTP is a major step in that regard.

I do think I'll end up doing a lot of races in 2011 as a result of being focused on short and fast. That should be fun. I could see doing 20 triathlons or so in 2011--the most I've ever done prior is 14. As I've mentioned before, I plan to try to do many more Olympic distance races this year. I've only done 7 to date and would like to get close to that in 2011.

My current plan is to start the 2011 racing season with a sprint down in North Carolina in mid March--this would be a tune-up for Oceanside in early April. Also in April would be a couple of Virginia races--a return to Angel's after a few year hiatus and my first Oly down in Rumpass.

My early plan for May is a heavy month of racing: Bassman, Devilman and Hammonton. Plus two Olys: Red Bank and Columbia. Columbia is a major, competitive Oly and one that's been on my list to do for years.

If my body holds up then June will be more of the same with the featured races being a return for my 8th consecutive season at St. Andrews and for the first time the Philly Olympic distance race.

July will be mostly New Jersey sprints and a return to Walker Minnesota for their lovely triathlon.

As August rolls in their will be a decided shift in direction to long distance training. I plan to do Steelhead in August and the Livestrong 100 mile ride. In September I'll do the Pine Barrens Oly and Skipjack, which is right up my alley with a 1.2 mile swim, 64 mile bike and 10 mile run. Then comes IMAZ and hopefully a great deal of luck to send me back to Kona in 2012.

I'm psyched!

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