Sunday, November 28, 2010

A little run down

Feeling a bit run down this week. Perhaps the focus on intensity on the bike is catching up to me. I have been fighting a bit of a cold so perhaps it is more that--of course they could all be related.

Also, lot's going on with Thanksgiving and the usual end of the year busy-ness....

I did participate in the Delaware State Cross Country Championship on Saturday--really enjoyed it and comfortably cruised to a MOP finish.

The "good" news is that next week I'm helping move my brother's stuff out to Minnesota so this will force a bit of a rest week--probably will be beneficial.

Stats for the week (yes I know my run total is disappointing):

Swim: 7000 yards
Bike: 192 miles
Run: 21.5 miles
Time: 17.1 hours

I do feel my 53 years this week. My knee has been much more problematic post Kona. I'm hoping my last injection-cycle was uncharateristicly ineffective. I'll probably get a new cycle in January. However, if this is the new normal, I won't be running nearly enough to get what I want out of this body. If so, I'll adapt but at this point I assume I'm struggling through a temporary phase.

These are the times that try the soul but steel the heart.

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