Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life After Kona---Or where do we go from here?

I feel a little like the poor guy who always used to bad mouth the rich. Then one day I got to live the life of a rich man and loved it. Then I was banished back to being a poor guy again...and now I wish I could go back....

So it is with Kona!

The reality is I probably won't be able to and if that is so, what should my triathlon focus/objcectives be?

I'm working on 2011 and will get a plan together soon...

Elements will include:

Oceanside--but no Kona slot this year with the XC changes
IMAZ--my next real attempt at Kona--but for Kona 2012.
4-6 Olympic distance races--the first time I've gone after that distance (I've only done 7 so far)
Maybe another 70.3 and maybe take a shot at the 70.3 World Chapionship in Las Vegas
Lots of fun sprints

for sure--early season focus on speed/turn to IM training as late as August...

I wish I could go back--I'm happy I got to go!

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