Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 2010--a month that was!

25,000 yards swimming
828 miles on the bike
108 miles running
75:15 training

A good "pivot" month from the highs and recovery period of Kona in October.

I made execellent progress in rebuilding my high-end bike speed with Project FTP.
A solid "reacquaintance" with the pool--time to start building fitness
Have not been able to build my run as I wanted with unexpected knee pain
Lots of distractions
Overall volume of training is at desired level (70-80 hours)
Need to add run speed, continue bike progress, start speed work in the swim, and maintain body composition in December

On my way to Minnesota and probably (due to schedule) a bit of a rest period over these next 3-4 days...my guess is that it will be beneficial.

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