Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rolling along on Tuesday

Morning found me down at the Pier for another 1750 yard swim--feeling very comfortable in the water now--very pleasant swim--water was exceptionally clear this morning.

This will be a bit shorter post--busy day and I need my beauty rest.

It was noticeably more hopping this morning--Saw TJ and bumped into Macca plus a host of others. Talked to Dave Mulaney from PA--he is friends with Nace and Sully and I raced with him at NOLA. He is the defending XC champ.

After swim went back to hotel and had a huge brunch and hung by the pool. At 1 I was able to get my bike and register for the race. I picked up Judy at the airport (yea!).

I then took the bike out for a short spin on the queen K. It was VERY hot today and quite windy--a good 25+ mph--mostly crosswind where I was but I know up by Hawi it would be a headwind. My bike performed like a champ and I had no problem on any of the climbs--even into more of a headwind--I think my 42/27 will prove to be fine. I was solid on most of the descents--comfortably spinning my 55/13 and cruising at 35 mph. On one steeper descent, however, with big crosswinds and several huge trucks blasting past I did have some speed wobbles--mostly due to my tenseness i think. I'm hoping the abscense of trucks will make it less likely to happen on Saturday--but the crosswinds will make it tricky for sure.

The winds have been howling--several Germans were blow off their bikes up by Hawi 2 days ago and one broke his collarbone. If it gets crazy I'll just sit up and go slower....I'm going up to Hawi tomorrow to take a look at the tiger--the big descent leaving the turnaround point....

Parade of nations tonight and then they opened the Ironman Village--lots of famous types there like Mark Allen....

sleep time!

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