Monday, October 11, 2010

Getting ready to head home

Judy and I took Anders and Jenny to the airport yesterday and sent them back to civilian life. Many a triathlete at the airport. Yesterday was a nice day of relaxation and reflection. The XC folks had a nice award ceremony. I finished 3rd of the over 50 executives and will be bringing back a little bling for the mantle back home. We lounged around our room and pool back at the hotel. There was a fantastic sunset and Judy and I sat by the water and enjoyed a bottle of champagne that our friends the Baums had sent us. The wind was really howling--even more so than race day. We had a nice dinner and sat out on our porch listening to the band and later music from my computer--very nice.

Today is a day totally dedicated to relaxing. I must say that I feel fantastic--very little residual soreness from Saturday--with the exception of a bad sunburn in a couple of spots where I missed applying sunscreen. My legs feel very good and as I reflect on how strong I felt over the last 10-12 miles I have become convinced that I probably have a nutritional riddle to solve to be able to fully race to my potential at the IM distance. i think i took too many salt tablets on the bike and this eventually caused my stomach to "shut-down" and I wasn't able to get much down my throat for an hour or two on the run. I was severely dehydrated as a result and I had to walk to let my stomach catch up. I did not take any salt tablets on the run and I think this finally allowed me to resume normal hydration and eating around the mid-point of the run. From there I felt really good and over the last 5-10 miles I ran stronger than anywhere else in the race. I talked to a couple of other folks and i think it's a good bet I need to take far less salt on the bike--we'll test that out at the next one!

Anyways, we leave tonight and will be back in Delaware tomorrow afternoon. I have about 1300 photos to go through and an hour 0f video. Plus a million memories and I'll tie it all together in a race report in the near future...

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