Friday, October 8, 2010

Almost game time.....

Last night Judy and I went to the welcome banquet, which was fun. Lots of Hawaian dancing and people throwing things on fire at each other. We left early to pick up Jen and Anders and had a late dinner....

Today saw me up early for 30 minutes on the bike, 15 running, and another 30 or so with Judy down at the Pier. we both swam out to the expresso bar--good fun. Jenny came down with us and checked out the "hot triathletes" (which is a redundant phrase of-course). We all had a big breakfast buffet and then did a little snorkeling and chilling by the pool. Later, Anders and I went down to Race Central and dropped off my bike, helmet and T1/T2 stuff...quite the scene:

Having dinner tonight with the family and our good friends Bill and Eva (and their new baby Alana) who have flown in to cheer me on tomorrow....looking to get to bed pretty early and then up at 3 am tomorrow to face what tomorrow will bring. I have all the funky taper body feeling--both of my knees are especially sore--still I feel very calm--I slept like a log last night. While all of my physical limitations are still in place, mentally I'm in a good place for tomorrow.

Beam me energy tomorrow when you think about it--I'll soak it up!


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