Monday, October 4, 2010

How to track me live on race day

Several of you have asked how best to track my race progress at Kona on Saturday. There are two ways:

First, the "old-fashioned" way is to go to on race day and you will find links to live video, text updates (focused on the leaders of the race), and a search function that allows you to track individual athletes or different Age Group divisions. With the later link, you can see my splits at various points during the race. My bid # is 1941 so you can enter that or my name (if you forget the bid number) and see how I'm progressing throughout the day. For you east coasters the race starts at 1pm and given the challenging conditions in Kona you can be sure that I will finish well after midnight...2am?

The "new-fashioned" way to track me is something we tried out at IM Germany and it seemed to work great. I'll be wearing a GPS device during the bike and run segments and you can go to a website and you will get real-time telemetry data (my location and current speed) on a continuous basis. Those who followed me in Germany said this was a great way to go. There are a couple of ways you can display my progress--vs a map or satellite imagery including a bird's eye view from several hundred feet over my head.

You can track me on your computer or iPhone/iPad by entering:

You can track me via PDA/Blackberry/Palm by entering:

If you enter the above now you will see where I'm staying--just a stone's throw from the Pacific!


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