Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ironman 2010-Kona: Here we go!

So I'm finally (really!) here.

My two flights (through Phoenix) were uneventful but close to 12 hours up in the air. I checked into my hotel and headed a few miles south on the Queen K to the Natural Energy Lab--that fabled place where ABC always claims the Hawaii Ironman is won and lost. I had on my training plan to run the 4+ miles of the Ironman course in the Energy Lab to make sure that I knew what this "beast" was really like and of-course to start my acclimatization to the Kona conditions.

The run turned out to be very pleasant. Geography wise it's nothing to worry about. Weather-wise, it was overcast, post a rain shower and at 83-84 degrees, not really that uncomfortable. The winds were blowing so from a running perspective it felt pretty nice. My run was at 4:30 or so local time and if I'm blessed with these conditions next Saturday I'll be very, very thankful!

Later I went down to check out the swim start--here is what it looked like:

Tomorrow, I'm getting up early for the PATH 5k run--my guess is that i will not win my age group. then, I'm going to hop in the harbor and see what the swim is like. My bike arrives Monday so no biking until Monday afternoon.

I'm thinking I'm going to go see the lava flows that are currently going on in the Volcano National Park tomorrow afternoon....

I'm pretty psyched--it's truly great to be here!

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