Sunday, October 10, 2010

Celebration Time!

Quite the day. I had a wonderful and truly enjoyable swim. The bike was extraordinarily difficult--I've never seen wind even remotely similar to what I saw yesterday. The cross-winds climbing to Hawi were gusting north of 40 mph. Frankly, I wasn't stong enough to excel on the bike yesterday and I arrived in T2 pretty fried. I ran reasonably well for the first 6 miles and then from 7-14 fought to just stay upright--everytime i tried to run my HR would surge and I would get very dizzy--so I just walked and focused on moving forward. Finally, a bunch of chicken soup revived me and I was able to run pretty well, and I felt good over the back half of the run.

The finish was extraordinary--a peak experience for me. Jenny was waiting for me at the line to give me my finishers lei--a perfect finish to one of the great experiences of my life.....

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Mommy said...

What an experience!! So happy for all of you but especially Randy, quite an accomplishment! Bowling for you tomorrow, so don't worry about getting home in time! Love to all!