Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kona Race Report almost done

sorry for the delay...a long report for a long race! the Phillies have occupied a fair bit of our time recently but that distraction has now passed!

I must say I feel very strong post Kona. I have been very unstructured over the last week just doing what I wanted to. I've felt stronger in this past week on the run than at any point this year. I had my best run of the year on Wednesday slicing almost 5 minutes off one of my standard 5.5 mile courses....

I still haven't completely ruled out IMFL although I would say the odds are less than 5%. I think that what I'd like to do is run a bunch of running races between now and IMCA70.3 in april and see if I can't gin up my run enough to qualify for kona again--a long shot I know but I'd really like to get back there.

Mentally, I am very energized about triathlon and beginning to think about 2011. Alreay I have these thoughts:

1. I'd like to train very seriously for short races--especially Oly distance--I've never done this before (2009 I just raced short but did not train hard) and I'd like to do a lot of short races and always be ready to go at a "B+" level or better.

2. I'll take a couple of shots at Kona--IMCA70.3 in april and IMAZ in November are on the initial list...we'll see. I'll just train short for CA and see what happens and in about September of 2011 I'll go through an IM training build to give IMAZ a helathy shot.

3. I'm going to set a goal of 10 AG wins in 2011. My best so far is 8 (2009) but I'm 54 and at the upper end of the AG so could be tough--I'll race a lot to try to make it happen.

4. I want to run a lot of half marathons in 2011--I think it's a great training distance for me....

Anyways, just by showing up I did the following this week:

170 miles on the bike

22 miles running

14 hours training.

I feel great and will get back into the pool either this coming week or the next. I'm going to do some Yoga/Pilates but mostly I'm going to try to get faster running over the next two months....

I'm pumped!

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