Saturday, March 1, 2014

February totals

February was a good training month for me--given the modest goals and expectations I had for it.  February, in a big picture sense, was all about recovering from my Aconcagua expedition and then transitioning into a regular schedule of triathlon training---all without getting injured and while maintaining motivation for the coming triathlon year and my build to Kona.

As noted here earlier, my legs and body were very fatigued in early February from the climb.  By the middle of the month that climbing fatigue seemed to have mostly left my body and I was just facing the normal early season training challenges.  Having essentially not been in the pool for three months and having done zero running or swimming in January I have the challenge of scaling up my SBR volume after an extended period of not doing those specific activities.  The other major challenge of course has been the horrendous weather here on the East Coast, which has especially impacted my bike training.

My race schedule calls for three straight weekends of racing commencing on 3/30.  These races will be a sprint, an intermediate and then IMNOLA70.3 in mid April.  Obviously, this is a tough challenge to go from essentially no SBR training to doing a H-IM 10 weeks later.  Fortunately, I do have 13 years of "base" in my body and I really intend NOLA to just be a long, high quality training day as oppossed to a goal race.

IN any event as I sit here on the first day of March, I am back into the swing of things and I'm motivated to build my triathlon fitness.  With the exception of tennis elbow in my right arm (which I developed from climbing--using my treking poles), I'm in pretty solid shape physically.  My knee is doing well and my body weight is less than it normally is at this time of the year.  My numbers in February were modest but acceptable:

Swim: 23,000 yards
Bike: 664 miles
Run: 61 miles
Time: 62 hours

For March, as I gear up for my early season races I would expect these numbers to grow to:

Swim: 35,000 yards
Bike: 900 miles
Run: 110 miles
Time: 80+ hours

Onward and upward!

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