Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bigish Week!

Pretty "muscular" week considering the early stage of the season and my paucity of training load to date in 2014.  Put in highest weekly totals on the bike, run and overall training time:

Swim: 7000 yards
Bike: 279 miles
Run: 25.8 miles
Time: 24:55

I definitely feel the big jump up in training stress in my legs.  I had no trouble jumping up to near 25 hours but my legs are letting me know that this is a significant deviation from recent training stress levels.  I'll probably need to back off just a bit next week but see no reason not to go above 20 hours again.

My swim is improving nicely.  Even though my swim volume has been and continues to be relatively modest, I have been hitting 4-5 sessions per week, which is critical during the early season.  I'm much more focused on frequency than I am on either intensity or duration at this point.  I feel definite improvements in my "feel"/technique and my 1500 yard times have dropped from 28 to 25 minutes (this is a steady z2 effort as oppossed to a z3/z4 TT effort).  Pretty confident my swim will round into form by May and my intention is for my swim to be better in 2014 than 2013 as I plan to up my swim investment relative to 2013.

My two z3/z4 interval sessions on the bike were encouraging.  I can feel my FTP starting to rise (off an admittedly very low base).  While this week's volume is pretty high for mid-March, it's for the most part in-doors due to weather challenges here in DE (it's going to snow again tonight and tomorrow).  I need to get outside on my z2 efforts to have the fitness improvements I need and I need to start doing this yesterday.  I sense that I'm still quite behind on my bike fitness.

My run is steadily improving.  My better body composition (for March) is helping and I'm methodically raising my weekly volume.  Should be able to bang out 30+ mile weeks in the relatively near term.  All of my running in 2014 has been z2 efforts so I'm sure I'm quite slow, even by my modest standards.

Body structure wise my tennis elbow continues to be a real pain (literally) and my biggest concern.  My knee is also starting to flare up a bit, which is expected.  I'll be seeing my ortho this week to get my next injection cycle started on the knee and discuss options for my elbow....

The life of an aging triathlete....

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