Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tri pre-season coming on strong!

Ok--it's thursday 3/27 and my ill-prepared 2014 Triathlon pre-season is well nigh!

On Sunday I race the Tune-Up Tri in Manassas, Va on one of the George Mason satellite campuses.  It's a "Reverse Super-Sprint"....In other words, we run 1.7 miles, bike 4.4 and swim 250 yards (in a pool).  About a 30-35 minute affair.  I did it last year and came out on top vs. 11 other guys in my AG.  This year I'm up against 14 other guys and on paper I should be favored to defend my title. (LOL).

Of course the paper doesn't take into account that I'm not ready to race but if you go down to Argentina and play in the mountains this is what you should expect.  Anyways--I'm looking forward to it and I'll give it my best shot--should be a hoot!

Before I head south, tomorrow I'll get up and ride my BMC TT bike for the first time this year--just to make sure it works.  Then I'll head north and witness the mighty Spartans taking on Virginy in the Sweet 16 at Madison Square Garden.   Should be awesome.  I'm calling it here.  Spartans win 71-65!

Then down to Baltimore on Saturday evening to sleep at Jen's place and continue her process of moving out of Baltimore.  Sunday at 4 I'll head to Manassas and do my thing.  It will further the process of transforming me from an old mountaineer to an old triathlete--bring it on!

Today I went to my ortho and got yet another (I think at this point my 109th injection) into my knee.  for the record it hurt quite a bit but since I had purchased some new racing flats I did head out for a pretty satisfying 6-miler in the afternoon post shot.  Dr. G also checked out my very painful right arm/elbow and once again I'm being consinged to Rudy and Hash's expert PT care.  I'm a little bummed about being injured since I really didn't so anything "wrong"  (I mean besides climb Aconcagua)

Oh well, Upward and Onward!

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