Sunday, July 28, 2013

Triathlon Update

News from the front:

-raced yesterday at the Sunset Sprint.  Was "unlucky" to have Wes Burns show up as a race morning sign-up.  Was "lucky" that he is so good that he finished 4th OA and snagged the top OA Masters award.  Which left me with the 55-59 YO MAG "victory".  Hey, I'll take it.  5th win of the year in my 8 races to date--this is clearly my lucky year as my fitness does not warrant this!

-my swim was definitely improved--best of the year but still quite a bit short of what I enjoyed the last two years.  Frankly, I was disappointed and surprised that I wasn't faster....

-my bike was pretty darn solid--especially given the fatigue from my recent big training block.  I was 3rd OA on the bike (out of 152) and was in 3rd OA leaving T2.  The two guys that outbiked me always outbike me so hard to feel bad about not having that top bike split.  I was 1:31 faster than 2011 when I did the same course.  Some power improvement but a lot of it has to be due to my new BMC TM01 and my continuing refinement of my position.  Still not  there yet but still getting better each race.

-my run was poor.  Even by my very modest current standards....

Still, given how crushed my body felt, I'll take it.  I was definitely better/more competitive this year than in 2011--when I qualified for Kona at IMAZ, so hey, things could be worse!  Race report to follow in a couple of days.

As I've mentioned above, my bod is really beat up--definitely a bit of over-training for sure.  I dialed it way back this week--just 17 hours (vs 25 for my plan).  Don't quite know what's up---maybe just old age....

Anyways, in DE tonight and rolling around 4 am tomorrow morning with 5 bikes and Roxy and headed to Minnesota to visit mom and bro.  Will get a continued break and then hopefully will be able to crush it again in August---will start by running around our lake, Ten Mile Lake (about 18 miles) on Wednesday....or so I hope!

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