Sunday, July 21, 2013

AC Denali Post 38: Back Home/Some of AC's Pictures

Sorry for the radio silence--we've been busy welcoming Anders back into cilvilian life!

We picked him up on Thursday morning at the Philly airport--he was tired but happy to be home.  We were treated to a fantastic slide show and also saw 45 minutes of stunning video from the climb.

We hung in DE for a couple of days and went and saw World War Z--what a movie!   Anyways, Anders is recovering from the challenges of the climb and getting back into swimming, biking and running here at the beach.

Here are some of his pics from the climb (we'll post a link to a slideshow soon):

One of the two planes that flew them in:

Anders' view out the plane's window:

 On the glacier after getting dropped off:

Pulling a sled:

At one of the lower camps:

On one of the steeper lower slopes on approach:

On the march in--a rest break:

Tent life:

Home for four nights--riding out the storm:

Climbing in very difficult conditions:
On the Headwall and the fixed ropes heading for High Camp:

AC resting on Summit Day:

On the Summit--calling home:

A dream fulfilled:

With the family on the summit:

Anders on the summit ridge--heading down:

Heading carefully down:

Waiting for the plane ride home--all the hard work done!

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