Tuesday, July 2, 2013

AC Denali Post 14: July 1st recap

Below is Dave Hahn's post summarizing yesterday as well as a couple of pics.  We haven't heard from Anders about today yet but the weather looks pretty nasty for the next 7-10 days....

"Our storm got real in the night, with cannon-like broadsides of wind and ice particles assaulting the tents.  It was serious enough that the guides were out stumbling around from midnight to 2 AM, cutting snow blocks and building walls, but not serious enough that the whole team needed to be in on the fun.  It snowed and blew for much of the night, with the wind changing direction every now and then in order to keep things interesting.  Although the alarm had been set early for climbing, it was obvious as the morning progressed that we’d simply have to hunker down and ride out the storm.  Around mid-morning we rallied the whole crew to eat breakfast, dig out tents and build more walls.  Then it was back into the tents for a few hours.  We finished the day with some avalanche transceiver training by Zeb Blais, a fine dinner by Erik Nelson and Mike King, and some tall tales by yours truly."

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Casey Silver said...

What an adventure!! This sounds absolutely wild!! Just burned through all 14. Looking forward to staying in the loop.