Wednesday, July 10, 2013

AC Denali Post 25: July 9 Recap

Here is Dave's recap of yesterday's "activities" and a picture of the "POSH" tent:

"Tuesday, July 9, 2013
Not too much to report on our scheduled rest day at 14,200’ on Mt. McKinley.  It was calm and sunny, despite the persistent storm forecasts, but it did seem to be getting progressively more cloudy as the day went on and it started snowing at a good clip while we ate dinner in our cozy POSH tent.  The team did an excellent job of taking it easy today.  We caught up on hydration and sleep, rested sore muscles and dried out boots and socks.  We pared down the personal gadgetry and entertainment systems for the hard move up to 17,200’ and tried to figure out any clothing or gear that would not be useful up above.
The number of teams around or above us has been steadily diminishing and as is normal for this point in July, the National Park Service climbing rangers have been packing up their seasonal station at 14 and getting loads ready for helicoptering.  It has been fun visiting with the other teams, but it is also quite enjoyable to have the mountain in its natural state -quiet and uncrowded.

If it doesn’t snow too much tonight and we get a decent shot tomorrow, we’ll move to high camp."

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