Thursday, July 11, 2013

AC Denali Post 26: Make or Break

We talked to Anders late last night and the mood their was considerably more somber.  They endured a stormy day that deposited over 2 feet of snow.  With the cold this created significant avalanche risk and indeed,  Anders reported that there had been numerous avalanches in the amphitheatre surrounding ABC.   Too risky to make a move to High Camp so they stayed put.

Anders said that today is a critical "make or break" day as Dave needs to ensure that there is enough food and fuel for the return and the potential delays they might face on the way back.  They'll have to have good enough weather and stable enough snow conditions to move to 17,000 today or they'll probably miss their opportunity to summit.

We are on pins and needles here and hope to get better news when we hear from Anders this evening....

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michael stricklin said...

oh boy....damn the HAWKish whether. Time to create a snow idol offering to Mother Denali...As we used to do in the north cascades. Remeniscent of the Venus de Willendorf! Seriously.