Saturday, December 29, 2012

On our way!

We are all packed up--each with two 150L expedition bags.  We both have around 75-80 pounds of mountain stuff and about 10 pounds of civilian stuff.  We'll leave later behind us at the hotel.  Some of the mountain stuff will never get higher than base camp so the mules will haul it around.  Probably looking at 50 pounds coming up with us in the end.  About 10 of that is food, which will diminish of course as the days pass.

We leave around noon today and fly to Miami.  After the layover, we have about an 8.5 hour flight to Santiago and from there connect to Mendoza.  We should be in Mendoza around noon tomorrow and we'll meet our team and get ready for the expedition on the 31st.  New Year's Day will find us moving to Los Pentitentes, where we'll hang for a day and get things sorted out for the mules.  Then the approach march begins on the 2nd.

The very long-range forecast (for what it's worth--which isn't much) for our summit window of 1/13-15 is for 10 degrees below zero F and 30 mph winds, which is probably doable, although, obviously would present some challenges.

The IMG Team Two carried to C3 yesterday and is in position to attempt the summit either tomorrow or the 31st--we wish them well!  The RMI Team Two is at C1 and will carry to C2 today if all goes well.

We've been interacting with our teammates via e-mail...even bringing some spare crampons to help out one of new team members....

I'm nervous but excited.  The new and unknown is always a bit unsettling--which of-course is part of the point of it!

In any event, I'm signing off now.  My thoughts will be recorded in a simple paper diary.  However, we'll be calling in each day to Judy wno will now take over blogging duties for the next three weeks.

Here we go!

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