Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Anticipated Itinerary

Here is rough overview of our anticipated itinerary for our expedition to Aconcagua:

12/29-30 Fly from Philadelphia to Miami to Santiago (Chile) to Mendoza (Argentina)
12/31       Get organized and meet climbing team (3 guides, 8 climbers)
1/1 Travel to Los Penitentes-pack/rest—8,500 (feet of elevation)
1/2         Drive to Punta del Vacas—trek to Puente Pampa de Lenas (Approach Camp 1)—7,900 to       9,700
1/3 Trek to Casa de Piedra (A2)—10,600
1/6 Trek to Base Camp (Plaza Argentina)--13,700
1/7 Rest day at Plaza Argentina
1/8 Carry to C1—15,400.  Sleep at Base.
1/9 Move to C1
1/10 Carry to C2 (Helicopter Camp)—17,800.  Sleep at C1
1/11 Move to C2
1/12 Move to C3 (Colera)--19,500
1/13-15 All potential summit days
1/14-16 Day after summit hike out to Plaza de Mulas—14,400
1/15-17 Hike to Los Penitentes
1/16-18 Drive to Mendoza
1/19 Fly home

As you can see we are approaching Aconcagua the "long" way from the Vacas and Relincho River Valleys.  If all goes well, we'll come down on the other side and complete our tranverse of the mountain by hiking the 20 miles out the Horcones River Valley.

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