Monday, December 31, 2012

Final preparations

We met our full team today.  The Spices arrived--a husband and wife team in their late 40s to provide a bit of contrast to the decidedly under  30 composition of our team.  We had a team meeting and went over and went through the process of securing our climbing permits.  It is quite a process but our guides did a great job of smoothing the way for us.  Looking at the permit I can see that I will receive 2-3 medical examinations along the way to see if my body is deemed fit enough to climb--we'll see how it goes (although I know I am fit enough).

We've spent the afternoon getting our bags in order--there is quite a bit of logistical overhead in a trip like this....we are looking forward to getting out and climbing and enjoying the mountains.  Tonight we have a team dinner and tomorrow it{s off to the hotel at Los Pentitentes....

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